Wanna get a personalized greeting from Richieee?

Well it’s simple… just refer 5 friends to subscribe to www.techzi.co and Richiee will record a personalized thank you video (up to 20 seconds in length) to you.

What better way to kick off your holidays!

How do you refer?

Step 1: Signup for Techzi

Step 2: Login

Step 3: In the top right corner select “Referrals”

Step 4: Copy your individual referral link

Step 5: Send this link to your friends however you want and they sign up.

Step 6: Once you get 5 referrals than just send us an email to contact@techzi.co with your name and anything specific you’d like to say in the greeting that Richieee will make.

Step 7: And within 5 days we will email you back Richieee’s personalized video message to you.