AI Models Are Commoditized…. But There Are Still Massive Opportunities to Make Money

This is a guest post by Richard Armstrong who is an early stage investor in many startups in both SE…

Richieee Richieee

Patsnap’s $7 Million Bet on AI: A Tech Newsletter Exclusive

Patsnap invests $7 million to develop its own AI assistant, Hiro, to streamline IP workflows. Homegrown LLM gives Patsnap an…

Nicole Kristine Jovero Nicole Kristine Jovero

The AI Hype Machine: Personality Hires Fuel the Frenzy

Personality hires fuel the AI hype machine. Sam Altman, Leopold Aschenbrenner, and Humane's AI Pin exemplify this trend. While hype…

Rary Maharani Rary Maharani