Andy Jassy’s Amazon Revival: Wooing Wall Street and Trimming the Fat

Andy Jassy impresses investors with efficiency plans, deviating from Bezos' growth-at-all-costs approach. Jassy's meticulous leadership style involves ruthless cuts and…

Nicole Kristine Jovero Nicole Kristine Jovero

Threads Celebrates First Birthday with Impressive User Growth

Threads hits 175 million users. Text-only posts dominate the platform. Meta's Twitter rival evolves, avoiding political content. Meta's Twitter alternative,…

Nicole Kristine Jovero Nicole Kristine Jovero

Google’s AI Search Shakes Up the Web While Industry Braces for Impact

Google's AI search disrupts digital landscape. SEO strategies face obsolescence. Content creators pivot to niche, long-form content. Search 2.0 Google's…

Rary Maharani Rary Maharani